In this article, we are going to discuss Topic-Based Push Notification and how to integrate it into the Android app. Topic-Based Push Notification is basically a publish/subscribe model in FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) that allows you to send a message to multiple devices that are subscribed to a particular topic.

In this article, We are going to discuss the GenericRecyclerView Component and GenericAdapter which is being used in it. Instead of creating Adapters for each recycler view separately, you can use the GenericRecyclerView component.
In GenericRecyclerView you just need to create a layout file for your item and a Model class…

What is WebRTC

WebRTC is a platform that supports video, voice, and generic data to be sent between peers, allowing developers to build powerful voice and video communication solutions.

What is Signaling Server

To establish a WebRTC connection between two devices we require a signaling server. Signaling Server helps us to connect them over the internet. …

Policy-based routing is used to route traffic to a specific destination by creating a policy on Firewall. We can consider a site-to-site VPN in which we would be trying to deploy Policy Based Routing (PBR).

Consider a site-to-site VPN connectivity example between two Data-center

Data-center A Firewall having a public…

This article describes the designing & implementation of a sample VoIP calling app using CometChat Pro. CometChat Pro is Messaging & Call SDK that provides enormous features for developers to integrate chat. Using CometChat Pro UI Kit, developers can easily integrate real-time messaging & calling support in their app. …

Yes, you can develop your own messaging system in your apps or website. Messaging System like WhatsApp or Slack which support text messages, media messages, voice & video calling and many more features using these platform.


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